LEGO Cars and Sets

Popular with all ages, our LEGO car sets bring the wheel to life! Every LEGO car is super fun to build and even more exciting to play with. You can race them, display them, or even create your own car shows. Whether you’d love a Ferrari or a Porsche, you can start building your dream garage brick by brick.

But LEGO cars aren’t just about how fast you can go. Build an SUV or monster truck to explore the jungle or the desert, or why not find a Land Rover and take your friends on a safari around the world? You can even mix and match your cars with other LEGO vehicles and see how a huge range of boats, planes and space rockets compare to your favourite racing cars.

If you’ve always wanted to chase down bad guys or rescue people from a burning building, LEGO emergency and police cars can help you do just that. Each set comes with all the accessories and figures you need to bring your rescue missions to life. Or, if construction is more your style, why not build a crane, digger, or dump truck? These sets let you create your own construction site, complete with all the vehicles you need to get the job done.

LEGO vintage cars are a real treat for collectors who want to step back in time. From iconic sports cars to beautiful roadsters, it won’t be long before you have a showroom you can be proud of. Take your LEGO figures on holiday in style or judge which of your cars should win first prize in your next vintage car competition.

So, whether you’re a young builder waiting to discover LEGO or an adult looking to add to your collection, our LEGO car sets and gifts are the perfect way to bring your imaginations to life.

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