LEGO Farm Animals

Ready to build your very own farm? With our LEGO farm animals collection, you can! Gather all the kids around because this is going to be super fun. We’ve got a hardworking farmer, a super gentle horse, some cheeky piglets, and even a fluffy lamb waiting for you. And guess what? You can actually use the working hoist in the toy barn to raise the roof and reveal a secret slide box. How exciting is that?

Imagine driving a tractor, pulling a trailer full of hay, or filling your greenhouse with awesome plants. These farmyard LEGO sets are packed with toys and accessories that will give children endless hours of fun. Boys and girls can team up with their friends to create their very own farm stories. Will the pig or the cow need your care today? Or maybe it’s time to shear the sheep and take care of the adorable piglet?

Our LEGO farm sets are a fun and exciting way to spark imaginations and are designed for every age, so kids can learn how to take care of animals, grow crops, and use the barn’s hoist to raise the roof for all sorts of farm adventures.

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