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Horse Show Trailer

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Creative gift for kids aged 8+ who love horses

Creative gift for kids aged 8+ who love horses

Discover the magic of creative play with the LEGO® Friends Horse Show Trailer (41722)! Perfect for kids aged 8 and up, this set is a fantastic gift for young animal lovers and vehicle enthusiasts alike. Let’s hit the road for a world of fun and adventure!

Toys to Feed Imaginations: Set out on an exciting adventure with the LEGO Friends as they travel to riding shows in their fabulous horse trailer. From a special compartment for the toy horses to a room filled with horse-riding gear, the trailer has everything the friends need for their journey. There’s even a cozy sleeping area for Emma and her pals to rest at night. And don’t forget Savannah’s guide dog – there’s room for everyone in the smart SUV tow car!

Fun Builds Guaranteed: With easy-to-follow picture instructions and a digital building guide available on the LEGO Building Instructions app, kids can enjoy a seamless building experience. They can zoom, rotate, and visualize their completed model in awesome 3D detail, adding a whole new dimension to their playtime.

What’s Included: This set includes everything needed to build the horse trailer, SUV tow car, and all the accessories for a complete play experience. Let the creative fun begin!

Q: What age is this set suitable for?
A: The LEGO Friends Horse Show Trailer is designed for kids aged 8 and above, making it the perfect gift for young animal and vehicle enthusiasts.

Q: Can the SUV tow car actually be driven?
A: Yes, the smart SUV tow car is designed to be drivable and seats up to 3 LEGO characters, so the Friends can travel in style to their riding shows.

Q: Are the toy horses and riding gear included in the set?
A: Absolutely! The set comes with everything needed for a complete horse show adventure, including 2 toy horses, toy reins, helmets, and more.

Q: Is the LEGO Building Instructions app easy to use?
A: Yes, the app provides a user-friendly experience with clear instructions, allowing kids to build and visualize their models with ease. Plus, it’s free to download, adding extra value to the set.