LEGO Movie-Themed Toys and Music Toys

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Welcome to the magical world of LEGO movies and TV sets! Step into the LEGO universe where your favourite characters come to life in colourful bricks and endless fun! We have an amazing range of kits, toys and models from the best animated film and movies – all featuring your favourite LEGO people!

From the action-packed excitement of the LEGO Movie to the heroic escapades of the Batman movie, the magical wonder of Harry Potter, the thrilling dinosaur encounters of Jurassic Park, and the epic battles of Marvel, there’s something for every fan to enjoy and from a huge range of animated films from the likes of Village roadshow pictures and warner bros.

The LEGO Movie and More!

Become a master builder and join Emmet (voiced by Chris Pratt), Wyldstyle, and the rest of the gang on an epic adventure in Bricksburg! Help them battle the evil tyrant Lord Business and his army of robots using creativity and teamwork. With LEGO movie sets, you can build iconic scenes from the film and create your own imaginative stories. Unleash your inner master builder and let your creativity soar as you construct vehicles, buildings, and more from colourful LEGO bricks.

Imagine building your own version of Bricksburg with Emmet and Wyldstyle, or constructing the Batcave to help Batman fight crime in Gotham City just like the Batman movie. Join Harry, Ron, and Hermione as they cast spells at Hogwarts Castle, or create your own prehistoric world filled with dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. Team up with the Avengers to save the universe from evil villains like Thanos, all while unleashing your creativity with colourful LEGO bricks in the LEGO universe.

Or explore the harmony of LEGO themed music sets. From intricate pianos to rockin’ guitars, LEGO’s music-themed sets strike a chord with builders of all ages, bringing the joy of music and construction together in perfect harmony.

With LEGO toys based on your favourite movies and TV shows, the adventure never ends! Explore imaginative worlds, unleash your creativity, and embark on exciting quests alongside your favourite characters. Whether you’re building, playing, or dreaming up new adventures, LEGO toys bring colourful fun to every moment.

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