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Avengers Tower


The 5,201-piece Avengers Tower, with action on every floor

The 5,201-piece Avengers Tower, with action on every floor

Step into the action-packed world of Marvel Avengers with the LEGO® Marvel Avengers Tower (76269) set! Get ready to dive into the excitement with this epic 5,201-piece build-and-display model that stands tall at over 35.5 inches (90 cm). Packed with iconic scenes and beloved characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this set is a must-have for adult enthusiasts and fans alike.

Key features to consider before buying:
Impressive Size: Standing over 35.5 inches tall, this model is a show-stopping piece that will make a statement in any collection.
Movie Accurate: Filled with recognizable scenes from the MCU, this set brings your favorite Avengers moments to life in stunning detail.
All-Star Cast: From Iron Man to Captain America, this set is populated with classic characters that fans know and love.


Q: Can this set be easily displayed once assembled?
A: Yes, the Avengers Tower set is designed for display, making it a perfect addition to any Marvel fan’s collection.

Q: Are there any exclusive characters included in this set?
A: While there are no exclusive characters, you’ll find iconic Avengers like Iron Man and Black Widow among the cast.

Q: Is this set suitable for beginner builders?
A: This set is recommended for adult enthusiasts due to its complexity and detailed design.

Q: Can the interior of the building be accessed easily for play or display purposes?
A: Yes, one side of the building and the roof lift off to allow easy access to the interior, where you’ll find numerous details and accessories inspired by the movies.