Star Wars LEGO

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

LEGO Star Wars sets and characters are waiting to take you on an adventure across the galaxy! Hitch a ride on the LEGO Millenium Falcon with your faithful friends Chewbacca and Han Solo or evade the TIE fighters as part of the Rebel Alliance. Whether you want to explore Endor or celebrate the fall of the Empire with the Ewoks, Jedi’s and Padawans of all ages can use the Force to relive their favourite scenes or build new worlds of their own!

Play as Jedi Luke Skywalker or channel the Dark Side as Darth Vader as you battle to save or possess great power over the galaxy. Battle LEGO X Wings and TIE fighters and play as your favourite rebels, Jedi’s and Siths in a world where the only limit is your imagination!

LEGO Star Wars For Padawans

As an eager young Padawan, Star Wars LEGO sets are the perfect way for kids to play and discover their own destiny in the galaxy! Play as your favourite characters, and use the force to wield your lightsaber as you build vehicles and recreate your favourite movie moments.

Discover the Power of the Dark Side and The Force

Whether you’d use the Force for good, or you’d rather rule the galaxy yourself, our ultimate collector series brings your favourite LEGO Star Wars ships and characters to life. From the fearsome Death Star and the Imperial Destroyer to the iconic AT-ST, Y Wing Starfighter and more.

Not forgetting Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia and characters from the Mandalorian series. Stunning detail, accessories and features make these Star Wars LEGO models a must for any rebel or Jedi Master.

May the Force be with you!

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