Our LEGO pets collection is full of cute and cuddly animals just waiting to play with you. From wagging tails to fluffy fur, we’ve got all your favourite pets ready to be built and loved.

You can build your very own pet shop with LEGO Creator 3 in 1 sets, filled with LEGO dogs, cats, or a toy rabbit! Create a cosy spot for a snoozing poodle or set up a play area for puppies to chase a rubber bone.

Build a Pet LEGO Dog or Cat

For all the dog lovers out there, we have sets featuring all kinds of adorable dogs, including the adorable long haired dachshund. And let’s not forget about our LEGO cats that are purr-fectly cute and come with their own accessories, like a soft ball. Plus, every set comes with figures so you can play out all kinds of pet adventures.

Toy Pets Suitable for All Ages

Our LEGO pets collection is designed with kids in mind. While there are small parts, everything is suitable for children who love to build and play. Each set comes with easy-to-follow instructions, so you can start having fun with your new pet friends right away.

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