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Mobile Police Dog Training


Police dog and puppy training playset

Police dog and puppy training playset

Get ready to join the exciting world of law enforcement with the LEGO® City Mobile Police Dog Training (60369) playset! Perfect for kids and canine lovers aged 5 and up, this action-packed set is bursting with fun and creativity.

Let’s dive into what makes this set a must-have for your collection:

Fun Dog Training Apparatus: This playset includes a K9 SUV, trailer, and 3 dog-training tools like a seesaw, jump bar, and stepping paws. Get ready to train your very own police dog and puppy for duty!
Easy Building Experience: With an easy-to-follow building guide and the LEGO Builder app, kids can bring this set to life with ease. The app features zoom and rotate tools to help visualize the finished model from all angles – making building a breeze!
Imaginative Play: Enter the creative world of LEGO City with this Police playset. From realistic vehicles to feature-rich buildings and fun characters, the possibilities for open-ended play are endless.


Q: How many dog figures are included in this set?
A: This set comes with both an adult police dog and an adorable puppy figure for double the training fun!

Q: Can the K9 SUV and trailer be used with other LEGO sets?
A: Yes! The K9 SUV and trailer are compatible with other LEGO City sets for even more creative play possibilities.

Q: Is this set suitable for solo play or is it better for group play?
A: While this set is perfect for solo play, it can also be great for group play, allowing kids to team up and create exciting police missions together.

Q: Does this set come with police officer minifigures?
A: Yes, this set includes police officer minifigures to lead the training exercises and keep LEGO City safe.

Join in on the fun and excitement of police dog training with this LEGO® City playset – a perfect blend of creativity and adventure for young builders and dog lovers alike.