LEGO Animals Sets and Figures

No LEGO adventure is complete without our animal friends! From the kings of the jungle, the mighty lions, to the gentle giants of the forest, the elephants, LEGO animals make playtime a whole lot more fun.

In our LEGO animal sets, you can find everything ranging from farm animals like horses with minifigures of farmers, to amazing sea creatures and even roaring dinosaurs! You’ll be able to build your very own animal kingdom, so whether you’ve always dreamed of going on a safari, love discovering weird and wonderful animals in the jungle, or can’t wait to line up your cows in time for milking, you’ll have plenty of things to choose from.

Add New LEGO Animals to Your Collection

Imagine creating a bustling jungle scene where the parrot squawks from the treetops, warning the other animals of the crocodile’s approach. Or a peaceful farm where the cows, horses, and even a friendly dog live in harmony. You can create so many different stories and play scenarios for hours of fun. Get started with our LEGO animals sets and build your very own zoo!

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