LEGO Helicopter Sets and Planes

Immerse yourself in a world of imaginative play and adventure with our incredible range of LEGO planes and helicopters. Whether your favourite characters need to take a LEGO plane across LEGO city as they head off on vacation or pilot a LEGO helicopter to lead a daring rescue, kids of all ages can embark on countless adventures and explore the world without leaving their room.

LEGO is all about having fun and sparking your imagination, even adults can enjoy the intricate details of these models and play sets, with our wide range of aircraft and helicopters loved by people of all ages. Whether you have your heart set on a propeller plane to add to your vehicle collection, your kids need a LEGO plane to lead a sea animals rescue, or maybe your LEGO airport playset needs a baggage truck, apron bus or catering truck we offer a wide range of sets and models suitable for collectors of all ages.

A LEGO plane or helicopter set is the perfect gift or addition to your collection, we have plenty of LEGO products to add including airport accessories like a LEGO pushback tug and buildings featuring exciting details that make your LEGO city fun and exciting.

Remember, your LEGO plane set contains lots of fun but it also includes small parts and could be a choking hazard for young children. Make sure your chosen LEGO aircraft products are age-appropriate, that you follow assembly instructions and that younger kids play under adult supervision.

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