LEGO Train and Track Sets

All aboard! From busy LEGO cargo trains on a tight schedule, to your favourite LEGO characters hopping onto a passenger train, you can always rely on a LEGO train set to get the job done, and to always be on time!

Whether you’re looking for a LEGO train set featuring the latest remote controlled functions and technology or you’re searching for a bullet locomotive to speed around LEGO city and its buildings, our extensive range of trains, tracks, rails and accessories will make your LEGO world even bigger.

LEGO train sets have been enchanting people of all ages for decades, bursting with detail and age-appropriate functions. Perhaps you want to introduce your child to their first LEGO train or impress your friends with the dimmable headlights on your latest train set, no matter what your locomotive interests are, you’ll find a huge range of LEGO DUPLO for toddlers and preschoolers on our site, as well as breathtaking replicas of the Hogwarts Express from our Harry Potter range and Express passenger trains that will delight and ignite your imagination.

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