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Cargo Train


Haul goods through LEGO® City on the Cargo Train!

Haul goods through LEGO® City on the Cargo Train!

All aboard the action-packed LEGO City 60198 Cargo Train! Get ready to zoom around the track and deliver goods like a pro with this thrilling set.

Take control with the motorized engine and 10-speed Bluetooth remote control – race through the curves and straightaways with ease.

Load and unload cargo with the crane wagon, container wagon, log wagon, and forklift – keep your deliveries on time and on point.

Set the scene with an armored truck, control center, buildable pallets with treasures, and 6 awesome LEGO minifigures – there’s no limit to the adventures you can create.

Key Points to Consider Before Buying:

Versatile Play: With multiple wagons, vehicles, and accessories, the fun never ends. Create different scenarios and keep the excitement going for hours.

Interactive Features: The motorized engine, Bluetooth remote control, and moving parts offer a realistic and engaging play experience that will captivate both kids and adults.

Expansion Potential: This set comes with a full circular track and multiple rail pieces, providing the opportunity to expand and customize your train layout for even more fun.


Q: Can the train run on carpet or only on hard surfaces?
A: The train can run on both carpet and hard surfaces, but for optimal performance, it is recommended to use it on hard, flat surfaces.

Q: How many batteries are required for the motorized engine and Bluetooth remote control?
A: The motorized engine requires 10 AAA batteries, and the Bluetooth remote control requires 3 AAA batteries for operation.

Q: Are the rail pieces compatible with other LEGO train sets?
A: Yes, the rail pieces included in this set are compatible with other LEGO train sets, allowing you to create custom layouts and expand your collection.

Q: Can the crane and forklift actually pick up objects?
A: While the crane and forklift are designed for play purposes and can move realistically, they may not be strong enough to pick up heavy objects outside of the LEGO set.