LEGO Ferarri

Our LEGO Ferrari sets merge speed with elegance, letting you build, play, and display models of some of the most famous cars in the world. Perfect for LEGO fans of all ages, each Ferrari LEGO car model is packed with authentic details that pay homage to the real thing. From the realistic steering wheel that actually turns to the moving pistons that jump as you push the car along, each and every car will amaze even more experienced builders. And what’s a Ferrari without its driver? That’s why many of our sets include a cool driver minifigure, ready to take the wheel and race into action.

Discover the Most Iconic Italian Car Brand

Our LEGO Ferrari car sets are a dream for car lovers who enjoy a challenge. These models go a step further, offering intricate features like opening doors that reveal a detailed interior, and a complex engine system that showcases the power behind the Ferrari name. Once built, these cars are ready to race! Line up your Ferrari models on the starting line and zoom down the track, or create your own car shows to display the cool designs and innovative features of each model.

Caution: Small parts may be a choking hazard for young children.

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