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Ferrari 812 Competizione


Collect, build and play out races with this Ferrari car toy

Collect, build and play out races with this Ferrari car toy

Get ready to experience the thrill of the race with the LEGO® Speed Champions Ferrari 812 Competizione (76914) building kit! This awesome set is perfect for kids aged 9 and up, as well as car enthusiasts of all ages. It’s time to collect, build, and proudly display your very own Ferrari model – a must-have for any car fan.

Here are three points to consider before making your purchase:

– Authentic Details: This red Ferrari car toy is packed with realistic features, including a yellow stripe, black blade on the hood, raised rear wing, vortex generators, headlights, taillights, and exhaust pipes. Get ready to be amazed by the attention to detail in this set!
– Race Car Driver Minifigure: The set includes a cool race car driver minifigure, allowing you to add a touch of realism to your playtime. Let your imagination run wild as you create thrilling racing scenarios with your new minifigure at the wheel.
– Digital Building Experience: Dive into a fun and interactive building adventure with the LEGO Builder app. This easy-to-use app provides step-by-step instructions, allows you to zoom in and rotate models in 3D, save your progress, and more. It’s a fantastic way to enhance your building experience and keep track of your collection.


Q: How many pieces are included in this set?
A: The LEGO Speed Champions Ferrari 812 Competizione building kit contains 263 pieces, providing a satisfying building experience for young builders and car enthusiasts.

Q: Is this set compatible with other LEGO sets?
A: Yes, you can mix and match this Ferrari model with other LEGO Speed Champions sets to create your own custom race track and expand your collection.

Q: Are batteries required for this set?
A: No, this LEGO set is battery-free, allowing you to focus on building and playing without the need for extra power sources.

Q: Can I display the completed Ferrari model?
A: Absolutely! Once you’ve built this striking Ferrari, you can proudly display it on your shelf or desk as a stunning piece of LEGO art.