Our Audi LEGO sets are designed for car lovers and Audi fans who want to build their very own showroom at home. Here, the sleek lines and powerful performance of Audi vehicles are transformed into engaging LEGO builds. Whether it’s the adrenaline-pumping Audi RS, the dirt-track dominating racing cars, or the forward-thinking e-tron models, these sets bring the excitement of the road right into your hands so you can speed your way to victory.

Build Your Favourite LEGO Audi Models

For those who dream of the adrenaline rush of a rally race, our LEGO Audi RS models and rally cars are just the ticket. Build and test your very own high-speed Audi, complete with all the details that make these cars a favourite on and off the track. From the iconic Audi RS with its powerful performance to the rugged and ready rally cars designed for action, kids and adults alike will love bringing these models to life.

Explore the cutting edge of automotive technology with our LEGO Audi e-tron models. These sets celebrate Audi’s venture into electric vehicles, combining the brand’s signature style with eco-friendly innovation. Or how about our remote-controlled rally car? Equipped with individual suspension for each wheel, this model is ready to tackle any terrain, just like its real-world counterpart. Use the LEGO Builder App for intuitive instructions where you can rotate models and turn your living room into a rally track.

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