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Gabby & MerCat’s Ship & Spa


A sailing trip and spa luxury for fans of Gabby’s Dollhouse

A sailing trip and spa luxury for fans of Gabby's Dollhouse

Step aboard the LEGO® Gabby & MerCat’s Ship & Spa (10786) for an exciting adventure with friends, style makeovers, and luxurious treats! Inspired by DreamWorks Animation’s Gabby’s Dollhouse, this glamorous playset is perfect for kids aged 4 and up who love imaginative play and creative fun.

Unleash Your Creativity: Kids can explore endless adventures with Gabby and MerCat on their buildable boat and spa salon, complete with accessories like sunglasses, stars, a life vest, mirror, brush, and hair products. Let your imagination run wild with the extra wig for Gabby and create unique looks for fun playtime.

Interactive Building Experience: The colorful picture-story building guide makes construction a breeze, while the digital LEGO Builder app offers zoom and rotate tools for a more immersive building experience. With the boat element Starter Brick, kids can dive into building fun right away.

Quality Time for Families: Share the joy of building and playing with your child through this 4+ set. Bond over creating memories and sparking creativity together with this engaging playset.


Q: Are the LEGO pieces in this set compatible with other LEGO sets?
A: Yes, the pieces in the Gabby & MerCat’s Ship & Spa set can be mixed and matched with other LEGO sets for endless creative possibilities.

Q: Is this set suitable for children under 4 years old?
A: We recommend this set for children aged 4 and up due to small parts that may pose a choking hazard to younger kids.

Q: Can I download the LEGO Builder app on any device?
A: The LEGO Builder app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices, providing an interactive building experience for kids.

Q: What skills can kids develop while playing with this LEGO set?
A: Kids can enhance their fine motor skills, creativity, and storytelling abilities as they build, play, and imagine different scenarios with Gabby and MerCat.