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A Spellbinding Guide to Hogwarts Houses


A magical visual journey through the Hogwarts™ houses

A magical visual journey through the Hogwarts™ houses

Step into the magical world of Hogwarts with the LEGO® Harry Potter™ A Spellbinding Guide to Hogwarts™ Houses. Dive into this illustrated 80-page book to discover the wonders of Gryffindor™, Slytherin™, Hufflepuff™, and Ravenclaw™ houses, meet the founders, teachers, students, and creatures of Hogwarts, and explore iconic locations like the Great Hall and Gryffindor common room. Perfect for any young fan of LEGO Harry Potter building sets, this enchanting guide comes with a Percy Weasley LEGO minifigure to add to your collection.

Uncover the magic of Hogwarts with this comprehensive guide that brings the world of Harry Potter to life through LEGO bricks. Explore the different houses, meet beloved characters, and immerse yourself in the enchanting locations of the wizarding school.

Key Features:
– Explore the four Hogwarts houses and learn more about their unique traits
– Meet the iconic founders, teachers, and students of Hogwarts
– Discover fascinating creatures that roam the halls of the school
– Includes a Percy Weasley LEGO minifigure, perfect for collectors and fans alike

Q: Is this book suitable for Harry Potter fans of all ages?
A: Yes, this guide is perfect for fans of all ages who love Harry Potter and LEGO building sets.

Q: How many pages does the book have?
A: The book contains 80 beautifully illustrated pages packed with information about Hogwarts and its houses.

Q: Can I use this book as a standalone gift, or should it be paired with LEGO sets?
A: This book is a fantastic standalone gift for any Harry Potter fan, but it can also complement their LEGO Harry Potter collection perfectly.

Q: Is the Percy Weasley LEGO minifigure exclusive to this book?
A: Yes, the Percy Weasley minifigure is unique to this guide, making it a must-have for collectors looking to add a rare piece to their collection.