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Unicorn Creative Family Pack


Encourage creative group play with this arts-and-crafts kit

Encourage creative group play with this arts-and-crafts kit

Get ready to bring the magic of LEGO® DOTS to your next family gathering with the Unicorn Creative Family Pack (41962)! This set is perfect for children and craft enthusiasts aged 6 and up, providing endless creative fun for all.

Designed with 5 different DOTS canvases, this pack includes 2 slimline bracelets, a unicorn box stationery holder with a removable top, a small message board, and a bunting kit with string, offering a variety of projects to spark your creativity. With a wide range of colorful tiles and 3 packs of alphabet tiles, the possibilities are endless for customizing your creations.

Key points to consider before adding this set to your collection:
Variety of Projects: With 5 different DOTS canvases, this pack offers a range of projects to keep you entertained and engaged.
Endless Creativity: Let your imagination run wild with plenty of colorful tiles and alphabet tiles to design and decorate your creations.
Expression: Create personalized messages and designs to express yourself and showcase your unique style.


  1. Can the bracelets be adjusted to fit different wrist sizes?
    – Yes, the slimline bracelets are adjustable and can fit various wrist sizes for both kids and adults.

  2. How many tiles are included in this set?
    – The Unicorn Creative Family Pack includes a generous amount of colorful tiles to decorate all 5 projects and leave room for creative customization.

  3. Are the DOTS canvases reusable?
    – Absolutely! After creating your initial designs, you can easily remove the tiles and start fresh with new patterns and layouts.

  4. Is this set compatible with other LEGO® DOTS products?
    – Yes, you can mix and match the tiles and accessories from the Unicorn Creative Family Pack with other DOTS sets to expand your creative possibilities. The fun never ends!