LEGO Racing Cars

Our super cool LEGO racing cars put you and your friends in the driver’s seat. If you love race cars and dream of speeding around a track, you’re in the right place. We’ve got all sorts of awesome race car sets that will make your heart zoom just thinking about them!

With our LEGO sets, you can build your very own LEGO race car. Want to make it super speedy or mix and match different colours? Or maybe you want to get really creative by using pieces from different sets to make a totally new and unique race car. It could be super long or have extra big wheels – there are no rules here!

But that’s not all, you can play race day with all of your friends and family. Line up your figurines to watch the show like real fans before speeding around the house to the finish line. Whether you want to pretend you’re a famous F1 driver or are chasing down a robber, LEGO racers are here to help you make the most of your creativity.

Your Favourite LEGO Racers

Ever dreamed of building your very own McLaren, Ferrari, or Porsche? Now’s your chance, because each LEGO set brings these cars to life. Loved by both kids and adults, each featured model has so many little details, from Ferrari’s horse logo to helmets for the drivers.

LEGO race cars can help you recreate your favourite races, add some extra excitement to playtime, or even help you build an amazing showroom full of all the fastest cars.

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