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2K Drive Awesome Edition – Nintendo Switch

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The most awesome LEGO® driving experience!

The most awesome LEGO® driving experience!

Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure with the LEGO® 2K Drive Awesome Edition video game! This ultimate racing experience allows you to explore a vast open world, engage in thrilling races, and build your dream rides while competing for the prestigious Sky Trophy.

Unleash your inner designer as you create and customize vehicles in the garage before hitting the road. Whether you’re drifting around corners, boosting your speed, or strategically using power-ups to outsmart your opponents, the possibilities for excitement are endless in this vibrant world of Bricklandia.

With local 2-player split-screen and online gameplay for up to 6 players, the fun never stops. See who among your friends has what it takes to dominate the race track or team up for collaborative adventures.

Vehicles Galore: Build and modify your own vehicles for personalized racing experiences.
Exciting Multiplayer: Compete with friends in local split-screen mode or join forces with up to 6 players online for epic races and challenges.
Bundle Bonuses: Enjoy a variety of extras including exclusive vehicle packs, DLC content, in-game currency, and early access perks.


Q: What age group is this game suitable for?
A: The LEGO® 2K Drive Awesome Edition is a fantastic gift idea for ages 10 and up, offering engaging gameplay and creative opportunities for players of all ages.

Q: What is included in the Awesome Edition bundle?
A: The Awesome Edition includes an Aquadirt Racer Pack, a Year 1 Drive Pass, the Awesome Pizza Vehicle, in-game currency, an exclusive minifigure, vehicle skins, and early access privileges.

Q: Can I play this game solo or is multiplayer required?
A: While multiplayer options are available for both local and online gameplay, solo players can also enjoy the Story mode and open-world exploration within the game.

Q: Are there regular updates and additional content for this video game?
A: Yes, the Year 1 Drive Pass includes Season 1, 2, 3, and 4 DLC packs, ensuring that players can continue to expand their gaming experience with new features and challenges.