LEGO Dolphins and Dolphin Toys

Splash, swim and have fun with our LEGO dolphin sets. These awesome sea animal toys are perfect for kids who dream of riding waves with dolphins and discovering how amazing the ocean is. Start building your very own dolphin friend, complete with a posable body and fins that really move! And guess what? There’s even a baby dolphin to keep your LEGO dolphin company!

Explore LEGO Dolphin and Sea Animal Toys

Dolphins are awesome, but to really enjoy exciting underwater fun you need all sorts of sea creatures – imagine racing with fish and making friends with a cute baby sea turtle. Our LEGO dolphin and turtle sets come with all kinds of cool extras like a colourful crab, a friendly seahorse, and even a display stand so you can show off your ocean friends to everyone. You can arrange them all in a beautiful underwater scene, or have them swim around in search of adventure.

With our LEGO dolphins with posable fins, your imagination is limitless! Whether you help out a lost sea snail or play with some slippery squids, you’ll soon forget all about dry land.

Some sets may contain small parts which could be a choking hazard for very young children.

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