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Display Case 8 – Black


Give LEGO® fans a showcase for their minifigure collection

Give LEGO® fans a showcase for their minifigure collection

Calling all LEGO® fans! Show off your favorite minifigures in style with this sleek 2-level presentation case, crafted specially for displaying up to 8 of your most cherished LEGO creations.

Keep Your Minifigures Safe and Secure: This compact case is designed to protect your minifigures from curious siblings and dust, so your collection stays clean and tidy.

Iconic LEGO® Design: Shaped like a giant LEGO brick, this case features 8 compartments perfectly sized for showcasing each minifigure. The black top and bottom, transparent sides, and studded baseplates keep your figures securely in place.

Planning to add this LEGO® minifigure case to your collection? Here’s some important information to help with your decision:

Is the case stackable with other LEGO® storage solutions?
No, this case is not stackable but has a convenient and compact design perfect for displaying on a shelf or desk.

What size minifigures will fit in the compartments?
The compartments are designed to hold standard LEGO® minifigures, so any minifigure of that size will fit perfectly.

Can the case be easily opened and closed by kids?
Absolutely, the case is user-friendly with a simple opening and closing mechanism that is easy for kids and adults alike to use.

Is this case suitable for travel or is it best for display at home?
While it is possible to take the case on trips, it is more suitable for displaying your minifigures at home due to its design for showcasing and protecting your collection.

Get ready to showcase your LEGO® minifigures like never before with this stylish and practical presentation case!