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Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera


Vintage Polaroid camera model for creative building

Vintage Polaroid camera model for creative building

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of photography with the LEGO® Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera set! This stunningly realistic brick-built model is a must-have for photographers and camera enthusiasts alike.

– Recreate a design classic: This collectible set features iconic details such as the viewfinder, Color Spectrum, and exposure compensation dial, ensuring a true-to-life building experience.
– Experience the magic of Polaroid: Build a Polaroid Time-Zero Supercolor SX-70 Land Film pack and take a trip down memory lane with 3 illustrated ‘photos’, including one of Polaroid inventor Edwin H. Land.
– Mindful building experience: Follow step-by-step instructions in the box and on the LEGO Builder app to enjoy a calming and creative process that will sharpen your focus as you bring this camera to life.


Q: Is this LEGO set suitable for adults or kids?
A: This LEGO set is specifically designed for adults, making it the perfect gift for photographers and camera-lovers looking for a sophisticated building challenge.

Q: Can the LEGO Polaroid camera actually take pictures?
A: While this LEGO model doesn’t function as a real camera, you can load a photo into it, press the red shutter button, and watch as the photo is ejected – just like the real thing!

Q: Are stickers included in this LEGO set?
A: Yes, you can add stickers with authentic graphics to customize your LEGO Polaroid camera and give it an extra touch of realism.

Q: How many building projects are included in this LEGO Ideas collection?
A: The LEGO Ideas collection offers a carefully curated selection of top-quality sets for adults, so there are plenty of building projects to choose from to match your interests and passions.