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Diagon Alley


Large Diagon Alley™ model, filled with authentic details

Large Diagon Alley™ model, filled with authentic details

Get ready to experience the magic of Diagon Alley with the LEGO® Harry Potter™ Diagon Alley™ (75978) set! This incredible recreation of London’s most enchanting shopping street is perfect for fans of the Harry Potter movies aged 16 and up.

Iconic Stores: Step into the world of Harry Potter with this set that features iconic stores packed with authentic details from the movies. From Ollivanders™ to Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes™, each store is a mini masterpiece in itself.
Impressive Size: Measuring over a meter wide, this model truly captures the bustling atmosphere of Diagon Alley. The attention to detail is simply spellbinding, making it a must-have for any Harry Potter fan.
Endless Fun: With a wide range of LEGO models and playsets included, this set offers endless creative possibilities. You can reenact scenes from the movies, create your own magical adventures, or simply display it proudly as a collectible piece.


Q: Is this set suitable for kids?
A: This set is recommended for Harry Potter fans aged 16 and up due to its intricate details and complex building process.

Q: How many stores are included in the set?
A: The set features several iconic stores such as Ollivanders™, Flourish & Blotts™, Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes™, and more.

Q: Can I combine this set with other LEGO Harry Potter sets?
A: Yes, this set is compatible with other LEGO Harry Potter sets, allowing you to expand your magical world even further.

Q: Does this set come with minifigures of popular Harry Potter characters?
A: Yes, you can find familiar faces like Gilderoy Lockhart™ and characters from the Weasley family in this set, adding to the authenticity of your Diagon Alley experience.