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Realistic LEGO® tractor toy

Realistic LEGO® tractor toy

Get ready to power up your child’s imagination with the LEGO® City Tractor (60287) playset. This awesome tractor toy is packed with realistic features such as large rear tires, a tipping loader bucket, and a raisable boom, providing endless opportunities for creative play.

With farmer and daughter minifigures, a cute rabbit figure, 2 hay bales, and a crate of veggies included, the scene is set for exciting farm adventures right out of the box.

Here are three things to consider when deciding to bring home the LEGO® City Tractor (60287) playset:

  1. Inspires Creativity: Encourage imaginative play and storytelling as kids explore farm life with the realistic tractor and adorable minifigures.

  2. Interactive Building Experience: Access Instructions PLUS through the LEGO Building Instructions app for step-by-step guidance with zoom and rotate viewing tools, enhancing the building process for young builders.

  3. Expands Play Possibilities: Combine with other LEGO City Great Vehicles playsets to create a bustling cityscape filled with vehicles, characters, and endless adventures.


  1. Q: Can the tractor’s loader bucket actually tip?
    A: Yes, the tractor comes with a tipping loader bucket that adds an extra layer of realism to playtime.

  2. Q: How many minifigures are included in the set?
    A: The set includes farmer and daughter minifigures, along with a rabbit figure for added fun.

  3. Q: What age range is this playset suitable for?
    A: The LEGO® City Tractor (60287) playset is recommended for boys and girls aged 5 and up.

  4. Q: Are the building instructions easy to follow?
    A: Yes, you’ll find clear building instructions inside the box, or you can access Instructions PLUS for a more interactive building experience.