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NINJAGO City Gardens


Spectacular LEGO® NINJAGO® ninja house playset

Spectacular LEGO® NINJAGO® ninja house playset

Celebrate a decade of NINJAGO with the thrilling LEGO NINJAGO City Gardens (71741) set, perfect for both play and display. Dive into the world of ninja heroes and relive cherished memories with this impressive building task that promises endless fun.

– Rediscover NINJAGO: Uncover hidden surprises on each of the three intricately detailed floors, from an ice cream shop to Chen’s noodle house, the control room, and a ninja history museum.
– A Ninja Gathering: Unleash the power of 19 minifigures, including all your favorite ninjas and their allies, to enhance your playing experience and immerse yourself in the ultimate NINJAGO construction set.
– Bonding Time: With a whopping 5,685 pieces, this model is a delight for fans of all ages. It offers a trip down memory lane for seasoned builders and a world of adventure for young ones, making it an ideal set for parent-child bonding.

Q: How many minifigures are included in the set?
A: The set comes with a total of 19 minifigures, including all the beloved ninjas and some of their allies.
Q: Is this set suitable for both adults and children?
A: Absolutely! With 5,685 pieces, it offers a rewarding building experience for adult fans while providing endless play opportunities for kids.
Q: Can this set be displayed once built?
A: Definitely! The NINJAGO City Gardens set is designed for both play and display, making it a wonderful addition to any LEGO collection.
Q: What makes this set special for NINJAGO fans?
A: This set celebrates the 10th anniversary of NINJAGO and includes iconic features like an ice cream shop, Chen’s noodle house, and a museum honoring the ninjas’ history, making it a must-have for fans.