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Mosaic Maker


Transform a great photo into a cool LEGO® mosaic!

Transform a great photo into a cool LEGO® mosaic!

Get ready to transform your cherished memories into stunning LEGO artworks with the LEGO Mosaic Maker building kit. Simply upload your favorite photo to the Mosaic Maker experience on LEGO.com and receive a digital image to work with.

Crafted with 4,500 1×1 LEGO plates in 5 vibrant colors (900 of each color), this kit provides endless creative possibilities. Spend quality time piecing together your mosaic masterpiece, and when you’re done, start all over again – there’s no limit to the number of photos you can upload for building grids!

Key Points to Consider Before Buying:
Limitless Creativity: With 4,500 LEGO plates in 5 colors, you can create endless mosaic designs from your photos.
Reusable Fun: The mosaic can be built and rebuilt countless times, making it a great gift for artistic minds.
Personalized Artwork: Turn your special moments into unique LEGO creations that can be proudly displayed.


Q: Can I upload any photo to create a mosaic?
A: Yes, you can upload any photo to the Mosaic Maker experience on LEGO.com to create your one-of-a-kind mosaic.

Q: How many LEGO plates are included in the kit?
A: The kit includes 4,500 1×1 LEGO plates in 5 different colors, providing endless possibilities for your mosaic projects.

Q: Are the LEGO plates reusable for creating different mosaics?
A: Absolutely! The plates can be used and reused to build a variety of mosaic designs, allowing for continuous fun and creativity.

Q: Is this kit suitable for children and adults alike?
A: Yes, both children and adults can enjoy the creative process of turning photos into LEGO mosaics with this engaging building kit.