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Minifigure Display Case 16 – Red


Stylish storage to collect and display LEGO® Minifigures

Stylish storage to collect and display LEGO® Minifigures

Calling all aspiring wizards and witches! Showcase your magical Harry Potter Lego minifigures with pride in this must-have LEGO Minifigure Display Case.

Featuring 16 separate compartments, each with a baseplate to ensure your minifigures are perfectly posed, this display case is a fantastic addition to any collection. The transparent clasp door adds a touch of magic while keeping your minifigures safe and secure.

Here are some key points to consider before adding this display case to your collection:

Perfectly showcased minifigures: With 16 separate compartments, each with a baseplate, your minifigures will be beautifully displayed and easily accessible.
Versatile display options: Whether you prefer to mount it on the wall or display it on a flat surface, this sturdy case gives you the flexibility to showcase your collection as you please.
Expandable design: The large LEGO studs allow you to stack multiple cases on top of each other, making it ideal for growing collections.


Q: Can this display case fit all sizes of Harry Potter Lego minifigures?
– A: Yes, the display case is designed to accommodate all standard-sized minifigures, including those from the Harry Potter series.

Q: Is the display case easy to mount on the wall?
– A: Absolutely! The case comes with easy-to-follow instructions for hassle-free wall mounting.

Q: Does the transparent clasp door provide easy access to the minifigures inside?
– A: Yes, the transparent door allows you to admire your minifigures and access them easily whenever you want to make changes to your display.

Q: How durable is the display case for long-term use?
– A: The sturdy design and quality materials ensure that your minifigures will be protected and displayed beautifully for years to come.