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Expecto Patronum Magnet


Fantastic LEGO® Harry Potter™ magnet for kids

Fantastic LEGO® Harry Potter™ magnet for kids

Get ready to defend against Dementors™ with the enchanting LEGO® Harry Potter™ Expecto Patronum Magnet! Perfect for budding wizards and witches aged 6 and above, this magnet showcases the iconic Harry Potter LEGO minifigure casting the powerful Patronus Charm. Whether you’re at home or school, this magical magnet is a must-have for organizing your space and adding a touch of wizarding magic to your day.

Three things to consider before adding this enchanting magnet to your collection:
– Perfect Gift: Ideal for young Harry Potter fans, this magnet makes for a magical gift that combines imaginative play with practical use.
– High Quality: Made by LEGO®, you can expect premium quality construction and a durable magnet that will hold your important notes securely in place.
– Versatile Use: Whether you need to hang up drawings, postcards, lists, or reminders, this magnet is perfect for adding a magical touch to your fridge or school locker.

Q: Is the Harry Potter minifigure removable from the magnet?
A: No, the minifigure is fixed on the magnet and cannot be removed.
Q: How big is the magnet?
A: The magnet measures approximately 2 inches in height.
Q: Can the magnet hold multiple papers at once?
A: While it can hold a few sheets of paper, it is best suited for light items like notes or pictures.
Q: Is this magnet suitable for all ages?
A: This magnet is recommended for children aged 6 and above, but Harry Potter fans of all ages can enjoy it!