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Exotic Parrot


Rainforest fun with a rebuildable 3in1 exotic animal playset

Rainforest fun with a rebuildable 3in1 exotic animal playset

Calling all little builders and devoted animal lovers! Get ready for an adventure deep into the rainforest with the LEGO® Creator 3in1 Exotic Parrot (31136) building set. Perfect for kids 7 years old and up, this set features a vibrant parrot that can rotate its body, flap its wings, and wiggle its tail – a truly interactive play experience!

Three times the fun:
– This 3in1 set allows kids to build not just one, but three different exotic animal toys. Start with the colorful parrot perched on a tree branch, then switch it up to create a playful fish exploring the depths of the sea, or a mischievous frog ready to hop into action.

Tech-savvy play:
– Delve into a whole new dimension of building fun with the LEGO Builder app! With the app, kids can dive into a digital world where they can zoom in on their creations, rotate them in 3D, save their sets, and even track their progress. It’s a game-changer for LEGO enthusiasts!

Interchangeable Play:
– The set is designed for imaginative play and offers endless possibilities for creativity. Kids can mix and match the animals they build and come up with their own unique stories and scenarios.

Q: How many different animals can be built with this set?
A: This set allows you to build a parrot, a fish, and a frog – three different animals in total!

Q: Is there an age recommendation for this product?
A: Yes, this set is recommended for little builders aged 7 years and up.

Q: Can the parrot actually move its wings and tail?
A: Yes, the parrot in this set is designed to be interactive, with the ability to rotate its body, move its wings, and wiggle its tail.

Q: What is the benefit of using the LEGO Builder app with this set?
A: The LEGO Builder app enhances the building experience by allowing kids to explore their creations in 3D, save their sets for later, and keep track of their building progress.