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Custom Car Garage


Feature-rich custom car workshop playset

Feature-rich custom car workshop playset

Get ready to rev up your creativity with the LEGO® City Custom Car Garage (60389) playset! This exciting kit lets kids unleash their inner mechanic and designer as they customize two toy cars in their very own workshop. With a range of engines and modular parts to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Key Points to Consider:

Endless Customization: Kids can mix and match engines, front and rear sections, headlights, bumpers, and spoilers to create unique designs for their toy cars.

Interactive Building Experience: The LEGO Builder app and pictorial building guide make it easy for kids to visualize and build their models with zoom and rotate tools.

Inspiring Creativity: LEGO City Great Vehicles sets offer realistic models and fun characters, sparking imaginative play and storytelling.


Q: How many toy cars are included in the LEGO City Custom Car Garage set?
A: The set comes with two customizable toy cars for double the fun!

Q: Are there any minifigures included in this set?
A: Yes, there are two mechanic and two driver minifigures included, each with fun accessories to enhance playtime.

Q: What age group is this playset suitable for?
A: This 6+ playset is perfect for young builders who are ready to dive into the world of customization and creative building.

Q: Can kids play with the toy cars after customizing them?
A: Absolutely! Once the custom cars are built, kids can race, display, and imagine countless adventures with their unique creations. Let the fun begin!