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Batman Pen Pal


Write, draw and more with the Batman™ Pen Pal

Write, draw and more with the Batman™ Pen Pal

Add a dash of magic to your writing with the Super Hero Pen Set, featuring a LEGO® gel pen and a cool LEGO Batman™ minifigure. The pen is designed with a square shape to prevent rolling, has a comfortable grip, writes effortlessly with 0.7mm black gel ink, and comes with 2 1×4 LEGO plates attached to inspire creative play.

3 things to consider before adding the Super Hero Pen Set to your cart:

– Fun Factor: Fuel your imagination and creativity with the included LEGO Batman™ minifigure and LEGO plates for endless building possibilities.
– Comfort & Style: The pen’s ergonomic design and comfortable grip make it perfect for extended writing sessions, while its sleek black gel ink ensures smooth and bold lines.
– Versatility: Compatible with other LEGO bricks, the 2 1×4 plates on the pen allow you to customize and expand your creations with ease.


Q: Can I replace the Batman minifigure with a different one?
A: Yes, the minifigure can be swapped with any other LEGO minifigure you have.

Q: Is the gel pen refillable?
A: Yes, the pen is refillable with standard gel pen refills.

Q: Are the LEGO plates detachable?
A: Yes, the LEGO plates attached to the pen can be removed and used in your LEGO creations.

Q: Is the pen suitable for children?
A: The Super Hero Pen Set is recommended for ages 6 and up, making it suitable for both kids and adults alike.