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Triceratops Research


Fun-packed playset for dinosaur-loving kids

Fun-packed playset for dinosaur-loving kids

Get ready for an amazing adventure with the LEGO Jurassic World Triceratops Research playset! Perfect for kids aged 8 and up, this set is a fantastic gift for any dinosaur and car enthusiast. Dive into the world of Jurassic Park with the detailed Ford Explorer featuring an onboard navigation system, alongside minifigures Dr. Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcolm. Get ready for a roaring good time with the posable Triceratops, complete with a buildable pile of dinosaur poop and toxic berry element for added excitement.

Key Points to Consider:

– Interactive Play: The set includes a shovel accessory for digging through the dinosaur poop pile, making it fun and interactive for kids.
– Authentic Details: The Ford Explorer is authentically detailed, complete with an onboard navigation system element for tracking dinosaurs.
– App Fun: Enhance the building experience with the LEGO Builder app, where kids can view and rotate models in 3D, save progress, and more.


Q: How many minifigures are included in the set?
A: The set includes 2 minifigures – Dr. Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcolm.

Q: Is the Triceratops poseable?
A: Yes, the Triceratops in the set is posable, adding to the playability of the toy.

Q: Can kids recreate iconic Jurassic Park scenes with this set?
A: Absolutely! Kids can play out famous Jurassic Park scenes, inspired by the beloved movie, with the included characters and accessories.

Q: Are there other LEGO Jurassic World sets available to collect?
A: Yes, LEGO offers a range of Jurassic World sets for fans of all ages, allowing for endless building and play possibilities.