Nano Gauntlet


Nano Gauntlet with Infinity Stones, to build and display

Nano Gauntlet with Infinity Stones, to build and display

Get ready to harness the power of the Infinity Stones with the LEGO Marvel Nano Gauntlet (76223) from Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. This challenging model-making project is designed with adult fans in mind, making it the perfect addition to any Marvel film memorabilia collection.

Crafted with vibrant LEGO bricks, this iconic Nano Gauntlet replica features movable, jointed fingers and a descriptive tablet on a sturdy base, ensuring a captivating display piece that will impress all who see it.

Ready to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life? Dive into the world of creative construction and Super-Hero culture with this rewarding build-and-display model kit.

Key Points to Consider:
– Ideal for adult Marvel fans looking to add a unique piece to their collection
– Features movable, jointed fingers for interactive display options
– Vibrant LEGO bricks ensure a visually appealing and detailed replica


Q: Is this LEGO set suitable for children?
A: While this model kit is designed with adult fans in mind, children who enjoy challenging building projects may also find it enjoyable with adult supervision.

Q: How many pieces are included in this set?
A: The LEGO Marvel Nano Gauntlet set contains a total of 202 pieces for a rewarding building experience.

Q: Can the fingers of the Nano Gauntlet actually move?
A: Yes, the model features movable, jointed fingers that can be positioned in various poses for a dynamic display.

Q: Is this set compatible with other LEGO building sets?
A: Absolutely! This Nano Gauntlet set is a great addition to any LEGO collection and can be displayed alongside other Marvel-themed sets for a complete Super-Hero display.