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The Mighty Bowser


Detailed brick-built display model of the ultimate boss

Detailed brick-built display model of the ultimate boss

Get ready to create chaos with LEGO® Super Mario™ The Mighty Bowser™ (71411)! This exciting buildable figure features the iconic King of the Koopas, packed with new-for-October-2022 LEGO elements to capture Bowser’s fierce spikes and details. But that’s not all – this figure comes with a fireball launcher, movable head, neck, arms, and fingers for interactive play like never before!

Key Points to Consider:
Interactive Play: Control Bowser’s movements with the button and launch fireballs for exciting battles.
Display: Show off The Mighty Bowser on the brick-built battle platform with towers to knock over, a hidden POW Block, and an Action Tag.
Expand Your Adventure: Combine with a LEGO Super Mario Starter Course for epic battles with LEGO Mario™, Luigi™, or Peach™.


  1. What age group is this set suitable for?
    – The Mighty Bowser set is recommended for ages 8 and up, making it perfect for both kids and adult fans of Super Mario™.

  2. Can The Mighty Bowser be combined with other LEGO sets?
    – Absolutely! Combine this set with a LEGO Super Mario Starter Course (sold separately) for even more interactive play and battles.

  3. Does this set include step-by-step instructions?
    – Yes, step-by-step instructions are included to guide you through the complex build, ensuring a fun and rewarding experience.

  4. Is this a suitable gift for Super Mario fans?
    – Definitely! The Mighty Bowser set makes a fantastic gift for any Super Mario™ enthusiast, offering hours of entertainment for the whole family.

Unleash the excitement of Super Mario™ with The Mighty Bowser set and get ready for endless fun building, playing, and displaying this impressive figure! Explore more LEGO Sets for Adults and dive into a world of creativity and building challenges. Welcome to your ultimate building zone!