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Hot Dog Guy Key Light


Hot Dog Guy Key Light for fun-hungry LEGO® fans!

Hot Dog Guy Key Light for fun-hungry LEGO® fans!

Introducing the LEGO® Iconic 5005705 Hot Dog Guy Key Light – the perfect companion for all LEGO enthusiasts on the go! This quirky key light features bright lights in each foot, activated by the button on the character’s body. With posable legs, you can easily aim the beams in any direction, lighting up your path in a fun and playful way.

Here are three key points to consider before you grab this Hot Dog Guy Key Light:

  1. Bright Lights on the Go: Stay illuminated wherever you go with the bright lights in each foot of this fun key light.
  2. Posable Legs for Custom Angles: Easily adjust the legs to aim the beams in different directions, adding a personalized touch to your lighting.
  3. Perfect Gift for LEGO Fans: Whether it’s for kids or hot dog-loving LEGO enthusiasts, this key light is both fun and functional, making it a great gift idea for anyone on your list.


  1. Is the key light suitable for children to use?
    Absolutely! This Hot Dog Guy Key Light is safe for kids to use and makes a great accessory for their bags, backpacks, or keys.

  2. How do I activate the lights on the key light?
    Simply press the button on the body of the character to activate the bright lights in each foot.

  3. Can I replace the batteries in the key light?
    Yes, the batteries in the Hot Dog Guy Key Light are replaceable, ensuring you can continue to enjoy the bright lights for a long time.

  4. Can I attach the key light to different items?
    Yes, you can easily attach this key light to a bag, backpack, or even a set of keys, making it a versatile accessory for any LEGO fan.