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Earth Blue 2×4 Keyring


Cool-colored LEGO® brick key ring

Cool-colored LEGO® brick key ring

Calling all Harry Potter and LEGO fans! Get ready to add a magical touch to your accessories with the rare brick color of the LEGO Earth Blue 2×4 Keyring (854237). This keyring features the iconic 2×4 brick attached to a durable metal chain and ring, making it the perfect addition to your keys, bags, and backpacks.

Three reasons to consider before adding this LEGO keyring to your collection:

Rare Brick Color: Stand out from the crowd with the unique Earth Blue color of this 2×4 brick keyring.
Durable Metal Construction: Made to last through all your adventures, this keyring is built with a sturdy metal chain and ring for secure fastening.
Great Gift Idea: Perfect for kids aged 10 and up, this keyring makes a wonderful gift for any Harry Potter or LEGO enthusiast in your life.


  1. Is the Earth Blue color exclusive to this keyring?
    – Yes, the Earth Blue color is rare and unique to this specific LEGO keyring, making it a special addition to any collection.

  2. Can I attach the keyring to different items apart from keys?
    – Absolutely! The secure metal chain and ring allow you to attach this keyring to bags, backpacks, or even as a decorative piece.

  3. Is this keyring suitable for children under 10 years old?
    – This keyring is recommended for kids aged 10 and up due to small parts that may pose a choking hazard for younger children.

  4. Can I combine this keyring with other LEGO accessories?
    – Yes, this keyring can be easily combined with other LEGO accessories to create a personalized and fun look for your gear.

Add a touch of magic to your everyday items with the LEGO Earth Blue 2×4 Keyring. Perfect for gifting or keeping for yourself, this keyring is a must-have for any Harry Potter and LEGO fan looking to showcase their love for both iconic brands.