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Dr. Flieber Keyring


LEGO® Dr. Flieber minifigure key ring

LEGO® Dr. Flieber minifigure key ring

Attention all LEGO® fans and aspiring healthcare heroes! Meet the ultimate accessory – the Dr Flieber Keyring! This keyring doesn’t just hold your keys, it holds a LEGO minifigure that’s ready to save the day.

Crafted with a posable head, arms, and hands, this mini Dr Flieber comes with an on/off button in the chest to illuminate an LED light at the base – making it not just a keychain but a handy flashlight too.

Attach Dr Flieber securely to your keys, bags, purses, lanyards, or anywhere you please. He’s the perfect companion for your everyday adventures and emergencies!

Three key things to consider before adding Dr Flieber Keyring to your cart:

  1. Versatile Use: Besides keys, Dr Flieber can be attached to bags, purses, lanyards, and more for added fun and functionality.

  2. Posable Features: Enjoy adjusting Dr Flieber’s head, arms, and hands for different poses and play scenarios.

  3. LED Light Feature: Need a light in the dark? Dr Flieber has got you covered with his handy LED light base.

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Q: Is the LED light replaceable?
A: No, the LED light is not replaceable but has a long-lasting battery life.

Q: Can the minifigure be removed from the keyring?
A: The minifigure is securely attached and not designed to be removed.

Q: How big is the Dr Flieber minifigure?
A: The minifigure is approximately 3cm tall.

Q: Is this product suitable for children?
A: While the keyring is suitable for all ages above 6, supervision is recommended due to small parts.