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Firefighter Aircraft


Kids get to build for real

Kids get to build for real

Get ready to take off on a thrilling adventure with the LEGO Technic Firefighter Aircraft (42152) set! Designed for kids aged 10 and up, this model airplane will ignite their imagination with its realistic features inspired by real-life fire planes.

A building challenge like no other: Let kids dive into the world of firefighting operations as they spin the propellers, raise and lower the landing gear, and watch the tail flaps in action. With the hatch that opens to drop LEGO ‘water’ elements, they’ll experience the excitement of extinguishing fires just like real firefighters.

A project for everyone: Not just for kids, this set is a great bonding activity for children and adults alike. Discover the intricacies of the aircraft together and witness how all the functions work seamlessly to combat fires.

Introduction to engineering: With realistic movement and mechanisms, this LEGO Technic model serves as a creative gateway to the field of engineering for young builders. It’s a hands-on way for kids to learn about the world of engineering in a fun and engaging manner.


Q: What age group is this set suitable for?
A: The LEGO Technic Firefighter Aircraft set is recommended for kids aged 10 and above.

Q: Does the set come with building instructions?
A: Yes, the set includes step-by-step building instructions to help you assemble the model aircraft.

Q: How can I enhance my building experience?
A: Download the LEGO Builder app to enter a virtual world of building fun! Explore models in 3D, track your progress, and immerse yourself in a new level of creativity.

Q: Is this set compatible with other LEGO sets?
A: Yes, the LEGO Technic Firefighter Aircraft is compatible with other LEGO Technic sets, allowing you to mix and match parts for endless building possibilities.