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Police Motorcycle


Police motorcycle missions

Police motorcycle missions

Introducing the LEGO® DUPLO® Rescue Police Motorcycle (10967) – the perfect set for preschoolers aged 2+ who love police rescue missions, cool motorcycles, and caring for animals. Get ready for hands-on developmental play that will ignite your little one’s imagination and creativity!

Get ready for a thrilling police rescue mission! Set out with the friendly policeman on his push-along motorcycle to find the missing dog. Can your little hero solve the mystery and bring the lost pet back home? With a ‘Lost Dog’ poster to put up and endless play possibilities, the adventure never ends.

Here are three reasons to consider adding the LEGO DUPLO Rescue Police Motorcycle (10967) to your playtime collection:

Educational Play: Strengthen social, emotional, and fine motor skills as preschoolers immerse themselves in the thrilling world of police work and animal care.

Versatile Fun: With open-ended play opportunities, this set encourages self-expression and joyful exploration, making it a great tool for shared experiences and developmental milestones with parents.

Endless Adventures: Experience the excitement of everyday heroes through imaginative play scenarios with this interactive and engaging playset.


Q: Is this set compatible with other LEGO DUPLO sets?
A: Yes, this set can be combined with other DUPLO sets for even more creative play options.

Q: What skills can my child develop while playing with this set?
A: Your child can enhance social skills, emotional intelligence, and fine motor skills while engaging in imaginative play.

Q: How many pieces are included in this set?
A: The LEGO DUPLO Rescue Police Motorcycle (10967) contains XX pieces, including a police officer, a motorcycle, a dog, and more.

Q: What age range is this set suitable for?
A: This set is recommended for preschoolers aged 2 years and above.