Fire Engine


Fire-truck rescue missions

Fire-truck rescue missions

Are you ready to save the day and rescue the cat stuck in a tree? Look no further than the LEGO® DUPLO® Rescue Fire Engine (10969)! Perfect for kids aged 2 and up, this set is sure to ignite their imagination and fuel hours of interactive play.

Here are three things to consider before adding this set to your collection:

  1. Interactive Features: The fire engine comes with lights, sounds (batteries included), and a rotating basket. Your little hero can raise the ladder, rotate the basket, and even use the water hose to give the cat a refreshing drink. Plus, there are tasty treats included to lure the cat down!

  2. Developmental Benefits: This hands-on playset isn’t just about fun—it also helps develop preschoolers’ social, emotional, and fine motor skills. As they roleplay the adventures of a firefighter, they’ll learn about helping others and being a hero in everyday situations.

  3. Parental Involvement: LEGO DUPLO sets are designed to encourage open-ended play, self-expression, and exploration. This means you can enjoy precious bonding moments with your little one while they learn and grow through play.


Q: Are the batteries included in the set?
A: Yes, the batteries needed for the lights and sounds are included, so your little one can start playing right away.

Q: Can the firefighter figure fit inside the fire engine?
A: Yes, the firefighter figure is designed to fit inside the fire engine, ready to go on rescue missions.

Q: Is the set compatible with other LEGO DUPLO sets?
A: Yes, LEGO DUPLO sets are designed to be compatible with each other, so you can mix and match for even more imaginative play.

Q: How can this set benefit my child’s development?
A: This set helps improve social skills, emotional intelligence, and fine motor skills through interactive play and roleplaying scenarios.