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2.0 Convertible Ruler with Minifigure


Buildable ruler for LEGO® fans

Buildable ruler for LEGO® fans

Calling all wizards and witches, young and old! Introducing the magical 2-in-1 LEGO® ruler for all your measuring and building needs. This ruler is not just any ruler – it’s made entirely from LEGO pieces, making it a delightful addition to any wizard’s desk or potion-making station.

Here are three reasons why you need this LEGO ruler in your life:

  1. Versatile Measurements: Easily switch between 6 in. (15 cm) and 12 in. (30 cm) lengths with both centimeter and inch scales. Perfect for all your potion-making and spell-casting needs!

  2. Customizable Design: Let your creativity soar as you customize the ruler with the included LEGO minifigure and any additional LEGO bricks you have lying around. Create a ruler that is uniquely yours, just like your wand.

  3. Fun and Functional: Not only is this ruler a must-have tool for every aspiring wizard, but it also doubles as a fun building activity. Who knew measuring could be this much fun?


Q: Can adults use this LEGO ruler, or is it just for kids?
A: Absolutely! This ruler is perfect for witches and wizards of all ages who appreciate the magic of LEGO and the art of measurement.

Q: Are the LEGO pieces on the ruler detachable?
A: Yes, you can easily customize and change the design of the ruler by adding or removing LEGO bricks.

Q: Is the ruler sturdy and durable for everyday use?
A: Fear not, this ruler is made from high-quality LEGO pieces, ensuring it can withstand the most challenging spell-casting sessions.

Q: Can I use this ruler for school or office work?
A: Of course! Whether you’re measuring ingredients for a potion or sketching out your latest magical invention, this ruler is perfect for all your measuring needs.