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Rocket & Baby Groot


Detailed, fully jointed Rocket action figure

Detailed, fully jointed Rocket action figure

Get ready to blast off with the LEGO® Marvel Rocket & Baby Groot (76282) set! Standing over 22 cm tall, this dynamic duo is ready to join your collection of Marvel superheroes. Suitable for kids aged 10 and up, this buildable toy brings to life the iconic characters from Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy.

Here are 3 key points to consider before adding this set to your collection:

– Authentic Detail: This Rocket action figure is not just a toy, but a realistic recreation of the beloved character. From his rebellious attitude to his love of weapons, every detail has been authentically captured in this buildable model.
– Playful Possibilities: With movable joints (except the elbows), Rocket is ready for action-packed playtime. The character comes equipped with a spring shooter and blaster, so you can recreate your favorite scenes from the movies.
– Cute Companion: Rocket’s loyal sidekick, Baby Groot, sits on his shoulder adding an extra element of fun to the set. These two make the perfect pair for any Marvel fan looking to showcase their superhero style.

Q: Is this set suitable for kids who are new to LEGO building?
A: While this set is recommended for kids aged 10 and up, younger builders may require some assistance due to the intricate details and movable parts.

Q: Can Rocket’s accessories be removed and swapped with other LEGO pieces?
A: Yes! Rocket’s spring shooter and blaster can be removed, allowing for customization and creative play.

Q: Can Baby Groot be detached from Rocket’s shoulder?
A: No, Baby Groot is securely attached to Rocket’s shoulder, adding to the charm of the set.

Q: Is the LEGO Builder app necessary for building the set?
A: The app is not required for building the set, but it adds an extra layer of fun with 3D models and tracking features for builders who enjoy digital play experiences.

So, if you’re ready to bring the excitement of the Marvel universe into your home, LEGO Marvel Rocket & Baby Groot is the perfect choice for young Super Heroes and fans of all ages! Get ready for an adventure like no other with this dynamic duo by your side.