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Mr. Oz’s Space Car


A cool model car that can become a space shuttle toy

A cool model car that can become a space shuttle toy

Are you ready to blast off into a world of adventure with the LEGO® DREAMZzz™ Mr. Oz’s Space Car (71475) toy set? Get ready for an intergalactic journey like no other as you join Mr. Oz and Albert on a mission to save Jayden from the clutches of the Grimspawn! Suitable for kids aged 7 and above, this thrilling building set offers not one, but two exciting ways to build and play.

Check out these key points to consider before taking off on this space adventure:
– The set can be built in 2 different modes – space rover mode with a grabber arm, moving satellite, and mini rover toy, and space shuttle mode with two large shooting cannons and a mini-shuttle toy.
– Encourages kids to choose their own adventure and get creative with their playtime.
– Includes DREAMZzz heroes Mr. Oz and Jayden, along with Albert and a posable Grimspawn figure for endless imaginative play.

Q: How many ways can this set be built?
A: The Mr. Oz’s Space Car set can be built in 2 exciting ways – space rover mode and space shuttle mode.

Q: Are the figures posable?
A: Yes, the Grimspawn figure comes with posable tentacles that can trap the Jayden minifigure, adding to the excitement of playtime.

Q: What age group is this set suitable for?
A: This set is recommended for kids aged 7 and above who are ready to embark on an epic space adventure with Mr. Oz and his team.

Q: Can kids recreate scenes from the TV show with this set?
A: Absolutely! With Mr. Oz, Jayden, Albert, and the Grimspawn figure included, kids can bring their favorite moments from the show to life and create new stories of their own.