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Monster Jam Dragon


A Monster Jam™ gift for action-packed play

A Monster Jam™ gift for action-packed play

Attention all Monster Jam™ fans aged 7 and up! Get ready for an exciting adventure with the LEGO® Technic™ Monster Jam Dragon™ (42149) pull-back truck toy. This awesome set is packed with dragon-inspired details like spikes and horns, making it a must-have for any Monster Jam enthusiast.

Here are three things to consider before adding this set to your collection:

Realistic Play: With realistic graphics and colors, kids can bring to life their favorite Monster Jam arena scenes with this toy truck.

2-in-1 Fun: Looking for a new challenge? This set can be rebuilt into a Crocodile Buggy model, giving kids double the playtime and excitement.

Educational Experience: LEGO Technic models are known for their realistic movement and mechanisms, offering a great introduction to engineering concepts in a fun and approachable way.


Q: Can this set be rebuilt into other models?
A: Yes, this Monster Jam Dragon™ set can be rebuilt into a Crocodile Buggy model for even more building and playing fun.

Q: What age group is this set suitable for?
A: This set is recommended for kids aged 7 and above who love Monster Jam™ and enjoy building with LEGO.

Q: Is the LEGO Builder app necessary for building this set?
A: The LEGO Builder app offers an interactive building experience, allowing kids to zoom in, rotate models, save sets, and track progress. While it enhances the building adventure, it is not mandatory for building the Monster Jam Dragon™.

Q: What makes this set a great gift for kids?
A: The Monster Jam Dragon™ set combines the thrill of Monster Jam with the creativity of LEGO Technic, making it a perfect gift for kids who enjoy both building and high-octane action.

Join the fun and excitement with the LEGO Technic Monster Jam Dragon™ set. Start your engineering journey today and race your way to victory in the Monster Jam arena!