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Monkie Kid’s Combi Mech


Awesome mech for wild heroes vs. villains role-play fun

Awesome mech for wild heroes vs. villains role-play fun

Get ready to embark on a legendary adventure with the LEGO Monkie Kid Combi Mech playset (80040)! Perfect for kids aged 7 and up, this set is inspired by the mythical Monkey King tales and promises hours of fun-filled playtime.

Let your imagination run wild as you build Monkie Kid’s Combi Mech, a sturdy and fully posable robot with articulated arms, legs, and cool knee joints. Get ready to launch bricks from its fingers and gear up with a staff and sword for epic battles against the menacing Ink Demon. Plus, you’ll even have a brick-launching catapult to add to the excitement!

Top 3 reasons to consider the LEGO Monkie Kid Combi Mech playset:
Interactive Fun: Fully posable mech with brick launchers offers endless play possibilities.
Educational Value: Introduces children to the classic tales of the Monkey King in a new and engaging way.
Expandable Adventure: Combine with Mei’s Dragon Jet set (80041 sold separately) to unlock even more creative combinations and play scenarios.


Q: Can this set be combined with other LEGO Monkie Kid sets?
A: Yes, you can combine this set with Mei’s Dragon Jet (set 80041) to create even more exciting play options.

Q: Are the minifigures included in this set unique to the Combi Mech playset?
A: Yes, this set includes exclusive Monkie Kid and Ink Demon minifigures, adding to the collectible value.

Q: Is the LEGO Builder app required to build the Combi Mech?
A: While the app enhances the building experience with interactive features, it is not necessary to complete the build.

Q: What skills can children develop while playing with this set?
A: Building the Combi Mech helps improve fine motor skills, creativity, and storytelling abilities, making it both fun and educational for kids.

Dive into the world of Monkie Kid with this exciting LEGO playset and make playtime even more memorable! Get ready to create epic tales of bravery and adventure with Monkie Kid’s Combi Mech.