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Brick Botanicals 1,000-Piece Puzzle


A flower-filled LEGO® puzzle for all the family

A flower-filled LEGO® puzzle for all the family

Attention, all aspiring LEGO wizards! Are you ready to take on the newest challenge in the legendary LEGO Puzzle series? Look no further! This 1,000-piece puzzle, designed for ages 9 and above, showcases a beautiful floral image inspired by the popular LEGO Botanical Collection.

Whether you prefer to build solo or get together with family and friends for a fun group activity, this puzzle is sure to provide hours of entertainment and creativity. Once completed, display your masterpiece as a delightful reminder to pause and appreciate the beauty of flowers in full bloom.

Key Points to Consider:

– Perfect for ages 9 and up.
– Ideal for solo builders or group activities.
– Can be displayed once completed as a decorative piece.


Q: How big is the completed puzzle?
A: The finished puzzle measures 19 x 27 inches, making it a substantial piece of artwork.

Q: Are the puzzle pieces durable?
A: Yes, the puzzle pieces are made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.

Q: Is this puzzle a part of the official LEGO collection?
A: Yes, this puzzle is an authentic LEGO product inspired by the Botanical Collection building sets.

Q: Can the puzzle be framed after completion?
A: Absolutely! Once completed, you can frame the puzzle to preserve your hard work as a beautiful decoration.