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Wild Animals of the World


A world of wildlife for young animal-lovers to explore

A world of wildlife for young animal-lovers to explore

Introducing the LEGO® DUPLO® Wild Animals of the World (10975) set – a thrilling journey into the natural habitats of wild animals! Perfect for kids aged 2 and up, this set is not just a toy but a fantastic opportunity for learning through play.

A World of Wildlife: Explore the 7 continents and encounter various animals in their natural environments. From pandas in Asia to penguins in the Antarctic, the adventure never ends!

Playful Learning: Designed to spark creativity and curiosity, this set is filled with vibrant colors and details to engage young minds. It’s the perfect way to kickstart your little one’s learning journey.

Interactive Fun: With a sound brick that plays animal noises and ambient sounds, the Wild Animals of the World set brings the habitats to life, adding an extra layer of excitement to playtime.


Q: Is this set suitable for my 2-year-old?
A: Absolutely! This set is specifically designed for kids aged 2 and up, making it safe and engaging for little hands.

Q: What skills can my child develop while playing with this set?
A: Playing with LEGO DUPLO sets promotes fine motor skills, creativity, imagination, and even basic knowledge about animals and their habitats.

Q: Can I combine this set with other DUPLO sets?
A: Yes, LEGO DUPLO sets are fully compatible, allowing you to mix and match different sets for endless creative possibilities.

Q: Is this set a good gift idea for nature-loving kids?
A: Absolutely! With its focus on wildlife and natural habitats, this set is the perfect gift for children who have a passion for animals and adventure.