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Transparent Blue LEGO Rack System


LEGO® fans can store, sort and build with an all-in-one solution!

LEGO® fans can store, sort and build with an all-in-one solution!

Calling all wizards and witches! Bring some magic to your LEGO building sessions with the Transparent Blue LEGO Iconic Rack System. Not only does this colorful storage solution keep your bricks organized, but it also provides a creative space for you to let your imagination run wild.

Here are three reasons why this Rack System will be the perfect addition to your collection:

Organization Galore: Say goodbye to digging through bins and boxes to find the perfect piece. The three removable drawers are perfect for sorting and storing your LEGO bricks and pieces, keeping everything neat and tidy.

Customization Fun: Each drawer features a baseplate at the front, allowing you to showcase your latest creations. Personalize your Rack System with your own unique designs and let your personality shine through.

Build and Store: The integrated baseplate on the top surface not only provides a sturdy building space but also doubles as a storage area. Enjoy hours of building fun and keep your creations safe and sound in one convenient unit.


Q: Can the drawers hold larger LEGO sets or just smaller pieces?
A: The drawers are spacious enough to accommodate both small pieces and some smaller LEGO sets, making it versatile for all your building needs.

Q: Is the Rack System easy to assemble?
A: Yes, the Rack System comes pre-assembled, so you can start organizing and building right out of the box.

Q: Are the drawers durable enough for regular use by kids?
A: Absolutely! The transparent drawers are sturdy and designed for frequent use, ensuring they can withstand the creative adventures of young builders.

Q: Can multiple Rack Systems be stacked together for even more storage space?
A: Yes, you can stack multiple Rack Systems to create your own LEGO storage tower, providing endless possibilities for organizing your collection. Let the building begin!