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The Panda Haven


A supersized Minecraft® panda that’s also a furnished house

A supersized Minecraft® panda that's also a furnished house

Attention all Minecraft players with a soft spot for pandas! The LEGO® Minecraft® The Panda Haven (21245) is the ultimate gaming companion for kids aged 8 and above. Get ready for hours of fun and adventure in this panda-shaped house that is as playful as it is interactive.

Take a closer look at what this amazing set has to offer:

Supersized Fun: This 3-story panda house is not your average build. It comes with a unique design that allows kids to open the back and access the furnished rooms inside. Plus, the jointed structure lets you pose the panda in different positions for even more fun play options.

Exciting Characters: Join the jungle explorer, adorable pandas, and a hostile skeleton for thrilling battles and heartwarming moments. With a baby panda in the mix, the adventures are endless!

Bamboo Jungle Play: Outside the panda house, dive into the bamboo jungle and treat the pandas to some cake. It’s the perfect way to engage in a beloved Minecraft activity right at home.


Q: What age group is this set suitable for?
A: The LEGO® Minecraft® The Panda Haven is recommended for kids aged 8 and above.

Q: Are batteries required for this set?
A: No batteries are needed as this set is powered by imagination and creativity!

Q: Can the panda house be customized?
A: Yes, the room interiors can be reconfigured to suit your style and preferences.

Q: Is building instructions included?
A: Absolutely! Step-by-step instructions are provided to guide you through the construction of this amazing panda house.